St George Tattoo Shop Reviews | Alpha & Omega Tattoo Parlor

This place is awesome!!!! The people working here are welcoming and kind. Clean shop, and definitely worth looking into 🙂 I will definitely be back soon for more ink!Krista Tollefsen
Landon is one of the most respectable tattoo artists in Saint George. He is true to his word, and one of the few artists I trust with permanent art on my body. His work is amazing, and well worth the price. If you’re looking for your Holy Grail tattoo artist, then look no further. I’m sure that anyone he hires in his shop will be held to the same standards as him, and if Landon trusts them, then I trust them.Michelle Dawn
this place is one of the best place to get ink done hands down there clean friendly. and they keep you laughing. I got ink done from landon he does AWSOME work. he is one of the top dog here in town.Caleb Stinson
Landon is AMAZING!!! A year ago we lost a niece to cancer and want to do a memorial tattoo for her. While shopping around I talked to many other artists and had my extremely emotion experience treated like garbage. I am not a covered in ink kind of person and doing a remembrance tattoo is a very big deal for me. When I came across Landon and started discussing my wants and told him my story I finally felt like what I had going on mattered. Landon has shown me not only his passion for art but, also, his love for others and their experience. At Alpha and Omega I am not just another tattoo amongst millions. I am a friend with a story and a beautiful piece of permanent love that I will always cherish. Thank you guys for being so amazing!!!Amanda Smith